Scandinavian Cakes

~ You would never be welcomed into someone’s home without being offered coffee and something baked. It’s the truest meaning of ‘love thy neighbour’. ~

In Scandinavian culture there are so many joyful moments eating cake together. These moments reflect our culture: we love the excitement of cake baking. The idea, the preparation, the wonderful smell in the house, the waiting for the cake to cool down and for guests, friends or family to arrive, then finally eating the cake.  It gives a feeling of connection with history and tradition, however brief, that is very important in a world that runs forever faster and faster.


The kransekake, which translates to ” ring cake” or “wreath cake”, is undoubtedly the signature cake of Norway, made for special occasions such as weddings, Christenings and milestone birthdays.

This impressive tower cake is made from almonds and is gluten and dairy free, making it a wonderful and different alternative to standard cake. We can also make individual ring wedding or party favours as well as kransekake fingers and biscuits.

Standard cakes are made from 18 rings, however these can be made into larger 34 ring or smaller 12 ring cakes.

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