All Other Goodies

At Sweet Dreams Desserts we are all about sweet things and we love making a range of smaller dessert items such as slices, tarts, cake pops and meringues. 

These are a fan favourite! If you haven’t tried our rich chocolate fudge brownies, you’re missing out! These are made for the chocolate fanatics out there who know there’s no such thing as ‘too much chocolate’. These decadent treats come three in a box (with guaranteed corner and edge pieces), packaged as the sweetest gift or the most indulgent late night treat.

Our white chocolate & raspberry blondies are rich, sweet and have crunchy caramelised edges making them seriously delicious. Packaged in the same way as our brownies, you really don’t need an excuse to eat these!

Sweet Treat Boxes
Our mixed Sweet Treat Boxes are perfect when you can’t decide, or just want a bit of everything. Each box is put together with love and care, personalised to each individual and occasion, from birthdays to babies, corporate events or just because. There’s always an occasion worthy of a treat.

With all the baked bits freshly made in-house, boxes are packed with cupcakes, personalised cookies, slices, donuts and an assortment of sweets to match whatever your colour or theme is.

HCB novelty
Liquorice Lovers
Blondies & Brownies
Happy Birthday box
Bespoke treat box
Thank you box
Mothers Day box
Cake Pops